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Track Rentals Now Available

As of today we have been approved to host private test sessions at the raceway. During these sessions ALL MUST continue to abide by the social distancing guidelines and the wearing of masks at all times while on the property (exception in the racecar with a helmet on). We are currently only allowed to have 10 people in the pit area at a time so out of respect of others we are limiting the number of cars per session to 3 with only 3 people per car allowed.  Any additional help/helpers will be asked to vacate the property.  Spectator gates will also be locked so please respect that as well if you are not supposed to be present. 

Private testing will start effective May 26 with split sessions 9am-12:45pm and 1:15pm-5:00pm. Teams in the first session have until 1:00 pm to be off the property, therefore the afternoon session can’t enter until 1:00 pm. Teams are allowed to rent for the full day if they choose to do so.

We are currently only booking private testing for Tuesday the 26th and Thursday the 28th. Morning and afternoon sessions for both. We will evaluate and update everyone on the available testing schedule going forward later next week.

If you are interested in booking a private test session please go to to check availability and to reserve your session. If you are testing and will need tires please email with recommended sizes as we want to assure we have your recommendations on hand. 


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