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Limited Late Model Rules and Shock Update

As teams are building their cars for this new division we have had to adapt our rules. Some of the amendments include a clarification to the shock rule and penalty. Along with the addition of the Bilstein spec shock which will come with a #100 weight break. (Must run 4 spec Bilstein shocks to receive weight break). (Any combination of these 4 shocks can be run on any corner of the car) Shock part numbers and contact info to order the shocks will be listed below. Also, we have made an adjustment on the oil pan for the 602 crate motor. This rule will align us with the Wheelman series rules which allows the STOCK 604 oil pan to be installed or a 7" steel oil pan with a retail of $150 or less. This will help with some clearance issues with the 602. The race tire for 2020 is going to be the D800 with 4 tires allowed opening night and a 1 tire rotation after that.  Thank You Nick Rice Bilstein Shocks Contact Aaron Morey 704-712-7808 Front 1 133-315348

Front 2 233-315355

Rear 1 133-315362

Rear 2 233-315379


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