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Limited Late Model 602 Ignition Rule Clarification

-All 602 Engines must be equipped with either a stock style HEI distributor with coil in cap. MSD Soft Touch Rev Control Part #018-8728 or 018-8727CT Or A ONE FAST Cams Ignition part# 6000-6700 (HI-6RC) and a Coil part# 730-0192 (PS92N), Rev limiter must be operational at all time and rpm dials securely covered. One ignition box only. All teams must use the All-Star part # 81220 distributor and must be locked with no mechanical advance.

3 comentários

Oh my freind Brayden cook was saying there was going to be trucks


We went with limited lates instead of trucks due to the available amount of cars for the class


These one of the new racing classes at Berlin. Trucks this year?


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