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Berlin Raceway Teams and Spectators,

As we are all eager and anxious to get back to the track this weekend, we have to be sure to continue to abide by our state and county regulations pertaining to Covid-19 & Social Distancing. We have been granted permission to host these open practices and if everything goes well and we do our part by sticking to these specific guidelines, it will only help us get to back to racing with spectators sooner rather than later. We, nor anyone else expected a global pandemic, so like many, this is a learning experience for everyone therefore rules/regulations are changing daily. With that, All we can do is relay what we know to our teams and fans and to this very minute here it is:

-Open Practices will be held Saturday, June 13 and Saturday, June 20 from 1-5 pm with pit window and pit gates opening at 11 am

-All persons entering the pit area must sign the standard pit waiver as well as a Covid Waiver. Must have a picture ID present when turning in the covid waiver and signing of a pit waiver. (17-under entering pit area) BOTH parents must sign Covid waiver form as well as Minor release pit form.

-Must maintain social distancing. Please do your best to respect this rule as well as others around you and stay with the team(s) you may be with.

- Haulers will park every other stall to help with maintaining social distancing (We know some teams have purchased parking stalls but please do your part in spacing properly)

-Unfortunately, there are no spectators allowed on the concourse or in the grandstands for these open practice events

-Schedule/Opening day: We currently are unable to give an exact date for the Opener as well as any additional schedule of events. All we can tell you is this: At this time we have not been given clearance nor any sort of timeline but once we are given the approval to open and host race events with fans, we will be doing so IMMEDIATELY so be ready. We do not know when any of this could happen because as mentioned these decisions are changing daily but when we do we will inform you. We also would expect that once approval is given, a capacity limit would be in effect so we just wanted to make everyone aware. Once an opening date is approved we will also establish an updated revised schedule and get that published.

So in conclusion this is what we currently know and look forward to seeing teams and cars at the track this weekend. For the fans, all we can say is stay healthy and safe, be patient and hopefully, we can see you all soon.


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