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2020 SLM Rules Update with Weight Breaks

Berlin Raceway will follow the 2020 Arca/Cra Super Late Model Rules with the exceptions listed below:

Please refer to the CRA Website for the latest information.

The 2020 Tires will be the Hoosier F45 on the Left side and the Hoosier F50 on the right side.

Tires must be purchased at the Track.

Base weight is 2800#

Berlin weight breaks include

Box stock crate -50#

Built crate -25# (ex.MEP 425, Ford D-347)

Spool Mandatory for 2020

Berlin will continue to use the 1# per lap fuel burn off for post-race weigh-in. (Ex. -35# off the base weight after 1st feature, -70# off the base weight after 2nd feature)

Add 25# to total base weight for Any dry-sump engine w/oil pump not mounted on the front of the engine

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