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Berlin Raceway complex

NASCAR License

2023 will start the 7th year for NASCAR Sanctioning.  Several of you have been a member of NASCAR the past few years, however, some of you still may not completely understand the NASCAR program or maybe new to it.  Below is everything you need to know about the NASCAR Membership going into 2023.


Drivers: This program is mandatory for all drivers.  You must be at least 14 years of age.


Budweiser Super Late Models, you will once again be our Feature Division


Model Coverall Limited Late Models, Coors Light Sportsman, and the Auto Value 4 Cylinder Divisions, you will once again be our Charger Divisions.



Feature Division (Super Late Model) Driver - $200

Charger Division (LLM, SP, 4C, VROA) Driver - $100

Crew Member - $100


*Any Driver or Crew Member under 19 years of age,  a “Minor Release” form must also be filled out*


*Any driver ages 14 and 15 must also provide a copy of birth certificate*


Insurance:  As a member, you will have $1,050,000 in secondary insurance.  This coverage applies to all NASCAR sanctioned events, not practices or non-sanctioned specials.


Pit Pass Discount:  Pit passes for 2023 will be $35 for non-NASCAR Members.  NASCAR Members will save $10 on their pit pass for each NASCAR Sanctioned event or unless otherwise stated.  So, crew members who plan on being at 10 or more events, this should be a no brainer to get a membership, the insurance becomes free at that point.


Incentives: The more support we can show NASCAR of their program, we have learned they are more willing to invest back into the raceway.  All signage with the NASCAR logo is provided by NASCAR.  They helped in the investment of the Turn 1-2 wall that was installed in 2017.  They are helping us with our video program to build a professional style production along with hosting it on their Floracing program. They do a lot in promoting you as a driver on their websites and social media platforms.  These are just a few things they have worked with us on. 


The NASCAR Membership is very beneficial to all of us!


Click here to Renew your Membership


If you have never had a Membership before: fill out the 2023 NASCAR competition membership and license application.  Also, if you are paying by Credit Card you must also fill out the credit card authorization form.


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