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SLM updates 12-19-18:

Berlin Raceway will follow the 2019 Arca/Cra Super Late Model Rules with the exceptions listed below:


- 25lbs total base weight deduction for any Crate Engine (ex.MEP 425, Ford D-347) (Camshaft rule does not apply for additional deductions)

- 50lbs total base weight deduction for any unaltered GM factory sealed stock crate 

- Berlin will continue to use the 1lb per lap fuel burn off for post race weigh in.  (Ex. -35lbs off base weight after 1st feature, -70lbs off base weight after 2nd feature)

- 25lb addition to total base weight for Any dry sump engine w/oil pump not mounted on front of engine 

- 2019 Tire is Hooseir F45 on the left side and F50 on the right.

If you have not paid for your pit spot, you can do so by going to the Berlin Raceway Speed Shop.        Click Here

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Division 1 - Super Late Models

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Division 3 - Sportsman

Division 4 - 4 Cylinder

Division 6 - VROA

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