2019 RULES






*Always Refer to 2019 General Rules unless noted          


1. CHASSIS / CONSTRUCTION /Base weight Minimum Before and after the race
A. Manufactured Perimeter Frame. 3000lbs

1. 58” Main Frame Rail width 

2. 2”x3” Rectangular Tube .083 wall thickness (.125 Recommended) 

3. Front and Rear subs: Howe #358-8-01, PCC # 610-2-205 and 36601 or equivalent to other suppliers 
B. A tubular center section is optional. 
C. No under-axle frames are allowed; 
D. A roll cage is mandatory.
1. Frame mounted in at least 4 locations, minimum 1.75" diameter, .090 tubing.
2. Four left door bars Minimum 1.75” .090 Tubing with 24" X 24" steel plate (1/8" minimum).
3. 38" minimum main cage height from top of the frame to top of halo bars (bottom of halo bars must be above the driver's helmet with the driver strapped in).
4. Cage length 48” Front of cage post to the back of cage post. 
E. Steel front firewall from fender to fender, top of the frame to dash (stock location).
F. All interior panels immediately surrounding the driver must be steel.
G. 58.0%  Maximum left side weight before and after the race, with the driver in seated position
H. 108" minimum wheelbase
I. 76" maximum track width (measured from outside sidewall to outside of sidewall)
J. Shocks: 1 per wheel; Claimer cost is $250 per shock. BRW only may claim (Drivers-See General Rules Section 7B)
K. 4” Minimum Body/Frame Height

L. Bump Stops- Springs / Coil Binding /Coil Overs - not allowed


A. Stock appearing steering - OEM style.
B. Heim joints are allowed, steel only.
C. Lower control arms must be stock with 5" diameter minimum spring and must be mounted in stock location - no sliding or adjustable.  (Aftermarket Lowers are allowed due to Availability of Stock. Must remain stock length)

D. Stock steering box is required.
E. Tubular upper control arms are permitted.
F. Sway bar in stock location and must appear stock.
1. Outboard shocks are permitted. Screw jacks are allowed.



A. Minimum 5" od. springs must be directly on top of and in line with the rear-end housing. Screw jacks allowed.
B. Any Steel stock rear-end is permitted. (No Aluminum housings, tubes, or center section carriers)
C. No independent rear suspension. 
D. Must have aftermarket axles, made for racing only (no "C" clip axles).
E. No rubber biscuits.
F. Rubber rod ends are permitted (stock type only).
G. Any type Panhard bar permitted.
H. No in-line torque links. Ends must be in view; not boxed in. I. No Cambered Rearends 
I. Outboard Shocks are permitted

J.No Bird Cages. Trailing arms must mount in solid fashion to rear end. No part of trailing arm mount may freely rotate on the rear end. (Center pull trailing arm mounting is allowed but must be securely fastened.) No spring or shock-loaded trailing arms.


4. BODY: 
A. STOCK APPEARING STEEL BODIES 1988 or older may be Aftermarket or OEM. If the car came off the line from the manufacturer with a minimum 108" wheelbase, that steel body is allowed!  The car must maintain Factory steel roof and factory upper portion of rear ¼ panels ***Exception Five Star Fiberglass roof p/n 601-5112 & 601-5102 (AR Bodies equivalent to) Fabricated top rear ¼ portions must appear stock not only in appearance but length as well: 

B. Nose and Tail may be plastic and maintain 90degree plastic lip at the bottom. Must be mounted in stock fashion (No angling or layback) Must have a stock type bumper if a plastic bumper cover is not available. (Year / Make of body must ALL match/ nose, roof, tail, etc.)

C. Fenders and Quarter Panels, if fabricated must be similar in appearance/length to OEM or those produced by Five Star/ Arp for these rules.
D. Minimum Roof Height is 48” (Measured 10” back from the front windshield) 

E. Maximum Quarter Panel Height is 34.5” 

F. Front and Rear Windows Mandatory

G. No Spoiler (regardless if they are stock)

H. 25” Top of Nose (Where the nose and front fender meet)

Note: That when mounting the body, it is up to you the racer to not chop/alter the body in a way to enhance performance, mount it  in a way that it came off of the factory car and or the way it is supposed to be when it comes out of the box from F/S. We cannot provide every measurement for the variety of different makes and models, but if we feel your body does not look original and follow stock body lines we will get the measurements from the factory. The Only Exception to alter Body from its original shape is that you are required to widen body in a reasonable manner to cover tires.

A. American made V8 engines only.
B. Mufflers - up and over conventional headers are optional. 180-degree type headers are ok.
C. Cast iron heads and blocks only.
D. Aluminum intake optional.
E. Stock engine location: #1 spark plug in line with both upper ball joints.
F. Must have overflow catch can on the radiator.
G. Exhaust pipes must not protrude from the body. Side exhaust is recommended.
H. No electric fuel pumps.
I. Fuel cells mandatory.
1. 10" minimum ground clearance at any point.
2. Must have a metal container, four straps are recommended over the top of the fuel cell. 
3. Must have fuel cell guard.
4. Fuel cell must be securely mounted in the back of rear axle housing, BETWEEN FRAME RAILS, BETWEEN REAR TIRES and adequately protected from behind and below by 1 1/4" o.d. by .090 wall tubing or better.


A. 8" maximum wheel width, steel wheels made for racing only.
B. Sportsman cars coming to tech must enter from the backstretch dirt drive (may not drive through the center of the pits to reach tech area).
Tire Rules
1. Sportsman tire purchase rotation is 1/1/2.
C. The tire for the 2019 racing season is the Hoosier 880
D. Officials may change any rule in the interest of fairness or safety at any time and all decisions are final! 


A. Window opening: No add-ons or filler pieces of any kind except for vent window, which must be no more than 6".
B. Onboard fire suppression system with minimum 5-pound extinguisher is recommended. 5-pound fire extinguisher mounted in the car is required.


FINAL NOTE: Berlin Raceway ultimately has the final decision on all participants and decisions. Please read all the rules and build your car accordingly