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Berlinraceway 2020 season update:

As many racers and race fans are eager to get back to “normal civilization” and the feeling of adrenaline running through your body to the smell of that race fuel burning, while listening to the sweet sounds of horsepower rumbling through those exhaust pipes, all while watching some of the most talented drivers in the Midwest banging fenders running side by side to the checkered flag 🏁 ,,,,,,,,,, unfortunately, those times are going to have to wait as the Michigan stay at home order was extended until the end of April which does mean our Opening Day Icebreaker and any practice events leading up to it are postponed until further notice. At this time, like many of you, we are unsure what the next move is going to be and what restrictions will be implemented and put in place. Once those are released our plan is to get back to work and provide you all with an updated 2020 schedule. These are not easy times for anyone but the main thing is to stay safe and healthy while spending time with your loved ones and we hope to see you all here soon.

Thank you all and God Bless, Berlin Raceway

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Really wish our local track would stand up to our power hungry governor.

Thank God race car drivers weren't cowards in the old days or we wouldn't even have racing. I'm sure all of our from heros from racing past are looking down in disgust at how easily you all bent over and let your rights go.


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