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Samsung S Pen is better than Apple Pencil, but it's not enough: 2022 tablet stylus hot take

I've been working with tablets for over 11 years - iPads, Android and Windows - because the idea of ​​using Siro and a portable contractor like a laptop seems so nice to me.

And pills can be more than just a pleasure device for watching Netflix or YouTube; In particular, Apple's iPads have slowly become decent computer replacements for university students and certainly for professionals such as artists. And it is comfotable to use

On the Android side, one company is trying its best to create a tablet with the best taste - Samsung, with many iterations of the Galaxy Tab that include great electronic personal features, including DeX or even a removable S Pen.

If you're an artist, why not dabble in something like the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra? Or if you're on a budget, the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite? Why do many YouTube artists choose the iPad and pay more for the Apple Pencil, while Samsung offers its own detachable S Pen?

And what do I, a passionate artist currently playing sports, choose and use and why? Well, we're starting to get some answers.

Apple Pencil is longer in the hand 2nd-era Apple Pencil used by both iPad Airs and iPad Pros is definitely cutting edge and has a comfortable weight. It has to be $130, right?

It is made of matte plastic, but as we know - now all plastics are not created equal and this is the best quality. It doesn't have buttons, but it does have a hint trigger - you can double-tap the back 1/2 to perform an action, usually when switching tools. The Apple Pencil snaps magnetically into the iPad Air and iPad Pro charger and is also completely stable.

Don't move and agree with me, it's really important to feel like you're using a well-built super pack, and it's important that the pen doesn't fly around and roam freely. out when you're on the go. However, the

Samsung Galaxy Tab S Pen feels quite light and cheap, and being thinner is a disadvantage for the pen, although hey - it comes with pills! (Costs $60 separately.)

Despite feeling much smaller in the hand, the S Pen is also made of matte plastic that feels decent and a bit softer than the Apple Pencil. Instead of a hint, it has a traditional button that can be used for a number of customizable keys, even in outdoor drawing applications.

You can now normally click the S Pen on each top and bottom of the ultra-luxury Galaxy Tab, as well as the Galaxy Tab S7 we currently use, but it is easiest to pay if it is in a special pen. place behind I don't know you approximately, but I feel that it really is a worse place, more difficult to access and easier to wander with a pencil.

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