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Facebook Jobs: How to get a job through the social network?

Social networks have become the main meeting point in modern times. Facebook is positioned above the others by allowing the organization of events, groups of common interest and community pages. However, a recently implemented tool has gone unnoticed: Facebook Careers.

As its name indicates, Facebook Jobs is the section of Mark Zuckerberg 's company to find a job. If not, the social network gives employers and companies the ability to publish available vacancies from their center of operations.

Within the internal tab of Facebook Jobs , the different job offers will appear as if it were a " feed " of news. On the left side of the page, the filtering system can be used to filter posts by job type or desired industry.

How to apply for a job through Facebook Jobs?

To apply for a job within Facebook , you have to follow the following steps:

1. Enter Facebook Jobs.

2. Filter the search depending on the desired job.

3. Once you have found the offer, press the "Apply" button

4. Verify personal data and modify work experience.

5. Submit the request

Once the form has been submitted, a Facebook Messenger window will open indicating that the data has been successfully entered. To see the registration form, within the same messaging window there will be an option to "See application". This will redirect you to the official page of the contracting company with the summary of your professional Facebook profile.

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