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2015 Berlin Raceway Rules & Regulations

* Changes from last year's rules are noted in red.
* Is just for friendly reminders


The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all events, and, by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. NO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM PUBLICATIONS OF OR COMPLIANCE WITH THESE RULES AND/OR REGULATIONS. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury to or death of a participant, spectator, or official.
The race director or his representatives shall be empowered to permit minor deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in his opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM SUCH ALTERATION OF SPECIFICATIONS. Any interpretation of or deviation from these rules is left to the discretion of the officials.

Rule changes or interpretation of rules is at the discretion of track officials
A. No alcoholic beverages or controlled substances are to be consumed before or during races by anyone entering the pit area.
B. Drivers must be at least 14 years of age with a birth certificate and have a minor participant form notarized and signed by a parent or legal guardian.
C. Berlin officials reserve the right to reject or allow the entry of any driver or car.
D. Punishment for deviating from the rules is at the discretion of track officials, but may include docking of points, docking of laps, docking starting positions, docking of prize money, being placed at the back of the field, loading your car for the night, suspension and more.
E. The decision of track officials is final.
F. All car haulers/tow vehicles over 10' tall will be parked in Stacker section of the pit area. No standing on top of car haulers or tow vehicles during racing action!
G. Parking assignments may change depending on the event. (Includes Paid stalls)
H. Berlin Raceway officials reserve the right to deduct from your prize money any fees owed to the track for Raceceiver or other safety systems, pit stalls, etc.
I. Only track officials are allowed in the tech area;along with Driver and 3 of HIS/HER members
J. Dogs will not permitted within the infield, or any designated pit-area.
K. Any competitors or any other person entering the tower in a state of disapproval will be removed from the property. Please do not distract the tower workers. If you need assistance, there will be a designated point person to answer questions and resolve conflicts.
A. The driver assumes responsibility for the actions of his or her pit crew. Drivers may be issued penalties for pit crew misconduct. Such penalties, if applied, may extend to the car as well as the driver.
B. Unsportsmanlike driving, rough driving, or unnecessary bumping is prohibited and may result in removal from a race. Flagrant and/or repeated unsportsmanlike conduct on the track or in the pits may result in suspension. This suspension may span the winter hiatus and be completed in the following season.
C. Unsportsmanlike, violent, or abusive behavior use of improper language toward officials, competitors, and/or fans is prohibited and subject to suspension or exclusion.
D. Fighting in the pits or on the racetrack premises at any time is PROHIBITED and subject to suspension or exclusion!
E. General misconduct in the pit area may result in penalties.
Before any car may take part in any race, it is subject to inspection by Berlin officials.
B. During Tech inspection and throughout the night, different things could be checked on different cars at the official's discretion. The argument that you have to check every car if you are going to check mine will not apply.
C. Starting positions may be determined by time trials, handicap system, last chance race, points, or draw.
D. Qualifying- Times will be recorded during Divisions practice sessions w/the exception of OLM and SLM. OLM and SLM divisions will tech/qualify based on recorded practice time.
E. If you choose to take only one qualifying lap, you will start at the back of the field.
F. Car/driver must meet minimum total weight and percentages on the scale at inspection. If weight and percentages are not met on the first attempt, the car/driver must be reweighed and meet minimum requirements before qualification will be allowed.

G. Technical inspection is intended to assure minimum compliance with the rules. Where compliance is not met, Berlin officials may direct that repairs or alterations be made before being allowed to qualify. Officials may reject the entry of a car into the evenings program when appropriate alterations cannot reasonably occur in the pits.
H. No crew members are to touch their car while it is in tech without the permission of officials. This includes both pre-race and post-race tech inspections.
I. Once a car has cleared Tech, it must conform to all the rules at any time while the car is staged for qualifying, during and after qualifying, staged for any race, and during and after the race. If it is determined by a Berlin official that the car has been intentionally altered (including but not limited to: moved or removed weight, raised quarter panels or moving the spoiler back), Berlin officials reserve the right to disqualify the driver for the night with no money or points for the entire night.
J. Hoods and deck lids must remain on the car after the tech inspection and prior to the qualifying attempt. No cars shall be jacked up during this period.
K. A driver may qualify only one car in a division unless permission is secured from a Berlin official. A driver must start the last car they qualify.
L. If a car does not arrive at the track by the time qualification begins, Berlin officials reserve the right to place the car at the back of the heat races and any feature race.
A. No mirrors allowed in 4c, Sportsman,Super Stock
4-Cylinders must have 4 legitimate working brakes.
B. Lead ballast Only (No Other Types of Ballast allowed) No Tungsten.
1. Painted white and marked with car number.
2. No cement, mercury, or liquid-style weight.
3. All weight must be bolted to car, no welding of weight will be allowed.
D. One drive shaft hoop on forward half of shaft.
E. Driveshaft must painted white.
F. All cars must be equipped with a working starter.
G. Battery cannot be located in the driver's compartment. Must be located behind rear firewall.
H. No driver/crew operated adjustable devices of any kind allowed while car is on track. Exception: Brake Bias
I. Traction Control is ILLEGAL. Any driver caught running traction control will lose all points and money for that event & that driver will serve a min. 2 race suspension, which will transfer to the following season if need be. If this infraction is caught during tech, you will load up your car & that will be your first week served of a 2 race suspension. There will be no changing or correcting of this infraction - that car & that driver will be done racing for the night at that point.
JA. All cars will be required to run an Crane Cams or MSD Ignition Box (Magnetos are allowed). All boxes must be mounted in furthest upper right hand corner of interior. Berlin Raceway has the right to confiscate and replace any Box with a new one at any time, for any reason. Any driver that refuses to trade their Box will be dealt an immediate penalty.
J. No clip-on wheel weights on outside of wheel. Stick-on weights, if used on outside, must be glued and taped down (no outside wheel weights allowed on 4-Cylinders).
K. No aluminum Heim joints (rod ends) allowed.
L. All flanges must be facing inward (except rear panel) and must be no more than 1".
M. Mufflers are mandatory no Straight Pipes 100 DBA max. This is a township ordinance and will be STRICTLY ENFORCED! Teams will receive 1 warning. Teams will be fined min. $100 per night there after.
N. Exhaust must be flush with doors or recessed; they cannot protrude. A flange kit is recommended at door.
O. No antifreeze in radiators. Environmentally friendly coolant or lubricant (other than antifreeze) allowed.
A. Tire tampering is prohibited. Tampering includes but is not limited to: soaking, switching with other drivers and siping. Scrubbing by hand with a wire brush is allowed. Penalty for tampering is driver suspension from competition for a period of four consecutive race dates on the first offense and eight consecutive race dates on a second occurrence. All points earned to that point in the season will be expunged. This suspension may span the winter hiatus and be completed in the following season.
B. Tires and rims must be clearly marked with driver's car number (and driver initials if another car has the same number) before entering impound.
C. Berlin Raceway is not responsible for tires left in impound longer than 30 days.
D. Tire impound rule for SS/SP/MOD - All four tires must be impounded after your feature race within 15 minutes.
E. No banking of tires.

F. Tires must be purchased and mounted at the race track.
G. Tires must be purchased before qualifying and must be powdered and date stamped for that day's race.
H. Must run all racing events on the tires you qualified on unless prior approval is received from Race Director.
I. Any tires that are intended to be used the next race must be impounded at the tire barn and remain at the track.
J. Officials may allow additional tires to be purchased based on damage to existing tires (existing tires will be destroyed.
K. Modified traveling team rule exception is in place. All Modified tire rule grey areas are at the complete and final discretion of Berlin Raceway staff.

A. At no time shall any non-competing member, crew member, owner or other person associated with a race car be permitted on the racing surface following the start of a race and prior to the final lap without the express permission of a Berlin official. Violation will result in the car being placed at the rear of the field and a one-lap penalty assessed. This rule is in place for your crew members' safety. EXCEPTION: During a red flag or major caution period, one crew member may be allowed on the track at the discretion of track officials.
B. Berlin officials reserve the right to request a doctor's release at any time.
C. Driver and car changes are permitted only prior to the start of a race, defined as when the field takes the starting grid on the front stretch (no changes during or after pre-race warmup laps). After that point, no change of drivers is permitted. Driver changes may occur only if both the driver and the car have qualified for the race. Points earned will be awarded to the driver. If a driver wishes to change cars prior to the event start, scoring officials in the pit tower must be notified of the change prior to the start of the race. If this does not occur, the car may not be scored. The driver who switches cars must start last in all events for the night.
D. Drivers are permitted to race in more than one division on any given night .Drivers may race in two divisions, they are just not eligible for points pay in the lower division (exception OLM and SLM). Teams must be completely prepared to have both cars ready for both events without the driver's assistance. The transition between divisions must be seamless and not affect the racing program in any way. Drivers running in a different division, either higher or lower, must follow the tire rules pertaining to that division.
E. All repairs or adjustments to cars must be made in the pits. This includes portions of the race run under yellow or red flag conditions. Violation will result in the car being placed at the rear of the field and a one-lap penalty assessed.
F. Cars may only exit the pits from turn four under racing conditions.
G. No electronic communication devices are permitted within the car other than issued by the track or allowed per division.
H. Any driver who does not obey the flag rules, Raceceiver, and or lights will be subject to disqualification.
Black Flag - Pull into pits for consultation
White Flag - One lap remaining before green/checkered flag
Checkered Flag - End of race
Green Flag - Start of race
Yellow Flag - Caution, go slow and hold position
Red Flag - Danger, race stopped
Move over Signal – Leader(s) are closing
I. Under a yellow flag a car will be placed at the rear of the field if:
1. The driver exits the car
2. A restart is delayed by a driver or crew member
3. The car leaves the racing surface
4. The car or cars were the cause of the yellow flag's display
J. Under red flag condition, a car will be placed at the rear of the field if:
1. A crew member enters the racing surface without permission from officials (also assessed a one-lap penalty),
2. The driver exits the car without Berlin official's permission, or
3. If a restart is delayed by a driver failing to take his position in the car.
K. If a driver refuses the official's order to take a certain position on the track (i.e. go to the back of the field), resulting in a delay of the race, he/she will be black flagged and/or disqualified.
L. When both the yellow and checker flags are displayed simultaneously, drivers should be alert for track problems but race to the finish line. In this scenario, scoring will NOT revert back to the completion of the previous lap. The yellow/checker will not be displayed when cars will have to drive through a wreck.
M. When the black flag has been displayed to a racecar, scoring of the car shown the flag will stop until the car returns to the track from the pits after the required consultation.
N. The official "start" of a race is when the field takes the green flag at the start-finish line. However if the driver pulls into pits before the initial green flag, the driver forfeits their original starting position. When determining the official start, one lap DOES NOT have to be completed. A race may be started but be under caution with no laps complete. No driver changes are permitted after a race has officially started.
O. A driver meets rookie qualifications for his/her division if he/she raced in six or fewer races in previous seasons in that division.
P. A driver may stop in turn #4 for a brief damage inspection by a designated raceway staff member (Crew members are NOT allowed on racing surface/near car). This person will evaluate the damage to your car pull away any rubbing sheet metal, or suggest that the car should visit pit road if the damage is extensive. The driver assumes all responsibility for actions done to their car. If a driver stops while the white flag is being displayed and causes the caution to come back out, they will automatically be sent to the end of the line.
Q. Min. 50 gallons of fuel must be purchased either from pump or in a drum from the track over the coarse of the year for points fund eligibility. If not racer/owner will lose 50% of points fund payout
R. Division stickers MUST be displayed on front windshield and behind front tires. If stickers are not in place before all qualifying/racing events, you will not be eligible to receive point fund money.
S. Starts/Restarts- There is a box, and the leader sets the pace and must make the first move in that box.
In the event of either front row cars jumping a start or restart, one warning will be given and it if happens again, both cars will be sent to the rear of the field. All restarts will be double file, green- checker for all divisions.
T.Front stretch weekly Autograph signing for min. 2 divisions: This is mandatory for the divisions that have been selected for that week. If you do not you forfeit 50% of pay and points that night. Those who do not participate must have legit reasoning as well as approval for absence from Berlin Raceway Officials.
U. Division Feature winners will start behind inversion at “Next” attempted event. Feature Lineups are determined by finishing order of Division Heat Race.
A. An appeals process is in place for drivers to appeal their suspension. Berlin officials will determine the place and time for the hearing. The decision of the appeals panel will be final on any and all suspensions.
B. Protests must be made within 15-minutes after the event in question. A cash bond of $500 per item being protested must accompany the protest and include specific description of each item being protested. All protests must be made to the head tech official in writing.
A. It is mandatory that driver's helmet meet SNELL 2005 series or more recent standards, and that drivers wear double-layer suits of fire resistant material OR single-layer suits with full coverage fire resistant underwear that effectively covers the body from the neck to ankles and wrist. Full coverage fire resistant gloves are mandatory.
B. Approved race car helmets only. No motorcycle helmets; no M-designated helmets.
C. All cars will be equipped with a min. 5 point seat belt harness (6 point harness mandatory for Late Models and Super Stocks) constructed from 3" wide belts. A six point seat belt harness is strongly recommended for all other divisions. Six point seat belt harness must be properly installed with six separate bolts. Belts must have crotch strap, two piece shoulder harness, and metal to metal central release. Restraint system must also be securely attached to the roll cage structure. Belts may not be older than 3 years.
D. A taunt drivers side window net with quick release is required.
E. Mandatory Safety Neck Restraint. Hans, Hybrid,etc.. Neck Collars will not be sufficient.
F. Driver must be able to enter / exit both doors through window openings.
G. Rear windows must be completely see-through (no decals or lettering).
H. An approved head restraint will be located directly behind the drivers head with the driver normally seated.
I. All roll bars near driver must be well padded.
J. All safety equipment must no more than three years old.
K. Safety shoes required (fire resistant racing shoes).
L. All foot boxes must be enclosed for fire protection.
M. All fuel cells must have two straps (1" solid by 1/8"). Four straps are highly recommended.
N. Tethered fuel cell caps are mandatory.
O. Racing alcohol is not permitted in any regular Berlin division.
P. Recommended adjustable steering shaft (Sweet,woodward,etc..) Mandatory in 2016




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