Duck Dynasty Night at Berlin Raceway draws huge crowd
-Seth VanHorssen, Dave Cutler, Brian Tillema, Johnny Benson and Brian Campbell victorious

Marne, MI – It was the most anticipated night of the summer when the Duck Dynasty crew rolled in to Berlin Raceway. Willie Robertson, Korie Robertson and Justin Martin were in attendance to meet with the fans and to be the Grand Marshalls of the event. The crowd had been flowing in since the gates opened all of fans were witness to an exciting night of racing.

The first feature of the night was the 15-lap Burnips Equipment 4-Cylinder with #75 Dan Ream and #2 Ryan Holtzlander. Ream dropped out of the race on the first lap and that’s when the first caution came out for the #64 of Jim Woltanski. On the restart, it was the #91 of Rob Ream who took the lead and he was being chased by #17 Seth VanHorssen. VanHorssen made the pas on lap 4 and began driving away from the field. The #18 of Cole Roelofs was up to second, trying to chase down VanHorssen. With 3 laps to go, VanHorssen caught the tail of the field and he began putting cars a lap down. There was no stopping VanHorssen tonight, he went on to get his third win of the season and the rest of the top ten were Roelofs, R. Ream, #72 Steven Holtzlander, #10 Dave Duyst, R. Holtzlander, #07 Jackson Walker, D. Ream, #27 Rikki VanHorssen and #19 Robert Bowyer.

The Engine Pro Super Stocks were up next, #66 Nate Walton and #77 Andrew Nylaan were on the front row of the 25-lap feature. Walton was able to maintain the first position and put a little breathing room between himself and Nylaan and Nylaan was under attack from #76 Brian Tillema and #20J Jeremy Munniksma. Tillema make the pass for second and had his sights set on leader, Walton. On lap 8, Tillema caught up to Walton’s bumper and the next time by, they were side by side. By this time, the #48 of Seth Moody was up to third and made it a three-way battle for the lead. Tillema cleared Walton for the lead on lap 13. Moody also passed Walton and was all over Tillema for the lead. With five to go, Tillema and Moody were still side by side for the lead. With just 3 laps to day, Moody took the lead from Tillema. With just 2 laps to go, the yellow was out for the #28 of John Norder and #44 Brian VanZalen. This set up a green-white-checker with Moody and Tillema starting side-by-side. Tillema grabbed the lead on the restart and was able to hold off Moody to get his second win of the season by just .091 seconds! Moody took second and the rest of the top ten were #78 Will Olmsted, Walton, Munniksma, Nylaan, #67 Ben Welch, #54 Justin Regnerus, #76 Warren Speet and #20 Dave Hull.

It was #32 Ross Meeuwsen and #8 Phil Bozell leading the field to the green flag of the Port City Racecars Outlaw Late Model 60-lap feature and there was excitement right off the bat when #37 Terry Senneker got sideways on the backstretch. He was able to save it as Bozell and Meeuwsen raced side by side. Meeuwsen cleared Bozell for the lead on lap 4 and both he and Bozell had pulled away from the rest of the field. By lap 15, Meeuwsen had caught the tail of the field and began lapping cars. This gave Bozell a change to catch up, but as soon as the traffic thinned out, Meeuwsen was back to pulling away. Lap 20 saw the first caution of this race when #88 Trever McCoy spun on the frontstretch. As soon as the green was displayed, Meeuwsen took off, leaving Bozell to hold off #14 Steve Needles. On lap 32, Meeuwsen was back in traffic and just two laps later, the caution was back out for the #64 of Todd Dougherty. The field was restarted and Needles was showing some muscle, but a multi-car incident in turn 4 brought out the caution back out. As the cars got wound up again, it was #10 Johnny Benson powering around both Needles and Bozell, taking second just as the fourth caution came out when #88 Trever McCoy hit the wall between turns 3 and 4. Benson was able to hang with Meeuwsen after the restart, but it didn’t take long for Meeuwsen to drive away from the field with the lead. Lap 51 saw the next caution when Needles spun in turn 2. After this restart, the #37 of Terry Senneker made it up to third and was racing hard when Benson, but just a few laps later, Needles brought out the caution again in turn 2. This time it was Benson who got the better restart and he took the lead from Meeuwsen with just 4 laps to go. With Meeuwsen now trying to fend off Senneker, Benson was free to drive away with the win. Meeuwsen took second and the rest of the top ten were Senneker, #82 Tom Thomas, #5 Ray Clay, P. Bozell, #4 Adam Terry, #15 Brian Maxim, #83 Andy Bozell and #11 Leroy Magoon.

The Enterprise Iron & Metal Sportsman rolled out next with #17 Jared Miller and #89 Kirk Meissner showing the way. Miller and Meissner raced side by side for the first 3 laps until something broke on Meissner’s car and he made hard contact with the turn 1 wall. With Miller stopping in the pits for service, this handed the lead to #1 Randy Veldman. The field stayed side by side for the restart and their close racing led to the second caution when #11 Samantha Jansen spun coming out of turn 4. Once the field got started, it was the #40 of Dave Cutler who was battling Veldman for the lead. They rode side by side until the caution came out again, this time for the #1219 Matt VanHorssen. Just as the race was getting restart and back up to speed, the yellow was back out for Jansen who spun in turns 3 & 4. The race was then called due to time limits. Cutler got the win and the rest of the top ten were Veldman, #51 Weston Jewett, #26 Brian Thome, #15 Scott Root, #20 Tyler Nawrocki, #51 Shawn Simon, #77 Gerry Shepard, #57 Greg Jewett and #9 Tyler Sterken.

The final race of the night was the Tri-State Car Collector Appraising 125 presented by T.A.A.G. Incorporated with #55 Dave Lake and #82 Tom Thomas on the front row. Lake took off with the lead and the lead and #20 Brian Campbell ran second with #01 Travis Braden behind him. On lap 10, the top four were running nose to tail. Braden swung past Campbell for second and they were all still chasing Lake. Lap 15 saw a change for the lead when Braden overtook Lake. Lap 17 saw the first caution when #2 Kenny Tweedy spun on the backstretch. Braden continued to pace the field after the restart. By lap 39, the leaders were in traffic and that let Campbell cut in to Braden’s lead. Campbell was all over Braden’s bumper by lap 55 as they were heading in to more traffic. Campbell kept testing the outside lane to gain some momentum and he used a slower car in Braden’s path to take the lead on lap 67. It was lap 85 before the yellow came out again, this was for debris in turn 4. Campbell was still the lead after the restart and Braden was running second, behind them were the cars of #61 Johnny VanDoorn and Thomas. VanDoorn was trying all he could to get around Braden and he did just that with 34 laps to go. Though he cleared Braden, VanDoorn wasn’t able to cut in to Campbell’s lead. Thomas got past Braden and then went to work on VanDoorn, all the while, Campbell was driving away. With just 4 laps to go, the caution came out when #26 Rick Turner spun in 4, this erased Campbell’s lead. Campbell kept the lead after the restart and found himself in victory lane. It was Braden coming in second and the rest of the top ten were Thomas, VanDoorn, Lake, #6 Brandon Hermiller, #25 Derrick Griffin, #84 Jay Niewiek, #99 Brian Bergakker and #12 Tim DeVos.

Join us next Saturday, August 10 when the ARCA Racing Series presented by Menards visits Berlin Raceway! They will be joined with the Engine Pro Super Stocks and the Enterprise Iron & Metal Sportsman for an event that will be televised on NBC Sports! Tickets are $25 for adults, $15 for students 12-17, $5 for kids 8-11 and children 7-under are free; racing begins at 7:00 p.m.

Camping is available on site all season long. There are limited spaces for electrical and water so act fast as camping spots are first come, first served.

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