Scott Root and Seth VanHorssen crowned Champions
-Allen Davis, Bill Krupp and John Evans take checkers-

Marne, MI – It was night one of the Chet Championship weekend and championships were decided in the Burnips Equipment 4-Cylinder and Enterprise Iron & Metal Sportsman divisions. All divisions ran extended features and the racing action was intense.

The Napa Filters Racing VROA 30-lap feature was up first with #42 Ginger Nelson and #30 Kristie Ouendag on the front row, but neither of them would lead the first lap. The #82 of Rob Parker would claim the lead and #84 Andrew Bartoszek would run in second. The first caution would come out on lap 3 for an incident involving #4 Don Smith, #83 Loren Peterson, #59 John Evans, #1 Lou Caposey and #80 Billy Eppink. Parker retained the lead and Bartoszek was under fire from #21 Tom Boorsma and #43 Terry Byrne. Bartoszek, Parker and Boorsma were three-wide for the lead on lap 7 and just two laps later the caution was back out of Caposey. Parker got an excellent restart, but Boorsma was right on his tail and by lap 10, he was challenging for the lead and Bartoszek spun on coming out of turn 4 after getting in to the dirt and that brought out the yellow. With the time limit approaching, the restart was single-file. Once the green flag flew, it was a three-car battle for the lead with Parker, Boorsma and #20 Don Deyman. Deyman pulled even with Parker on lap 16 and took the lead on lap 17. The #59 of John Evans was also in the mix, he was battling Parker for second and Deyman was pulling away. Lap 19 saw the next yellow when #4X Arnie Snyder spun in turn 1 and the race was then shortened to 25 laps. Deyman didn’t have any trouble maintaining the lead on the restart, but then his engine blew and that brought out the caution, ending the race. It would be Evans going to Victory Lane and the rest of the top ten were Parker, Boorsma, #2 Randy Pierson, #30 Todd Cowan, Bartoszek, #31 Kristie Ouendag, #80 Billy Eppink, Snyder and Deyman.

The Burnips Equipment 4-Cylinders were up next, #91 Rob Ream and #17 Rikki VanHorssen led the field to the green flag for a 25-lap race. Starting just in front of them were the cars of #14 Bill Krupp and #11 Jason Essex would elected to start on the tail end of the lead lap. It was #2 Ryan Holtzlander who led the first lap and he was being chased by #8 Zach Clark. On lap 5, Essex and Krupp had rejoined the field and were making their way to the front. However, a caution on lap 9 for #72 Steven Holtzlander would slow the field and make Essex and Krupp restart on the front row, at the tail of the lead lap again. R. Holtzlander continued to lead and Clark was still in second. The #18 of Charlie DeJong and #17 of Ryan Hamm were in a close battle for third and just behind them, #59 Carl McCann and #07 Jackson Walker were battling for fifth. With five laps to go, Krupp had made it up to fifth and then McCann and S. Holtzlander went off of the backstretch. Krupp took the lead once the field was restarted and Essex was off of the pace. With just three laps remaining, Krupp was pulling away and went on to get the win. The rest of the top ten were R. Holtzlander, Hamm, Clark, DeJong, Walker, McCann, #75 Dan Ream, #19 Robert Bowyer and #17 Rikki VanHorssen.

The final race of the night was 40-lap Enterprise Iron & Metal Sportsman; #77 Gerry Shepard and #17 Jared Miller started on the front row. Shepard took off with the lead and the rest of the field was stacked two by two behind him. Meissner and Cutler were next to clear the pack and they started to reel in Shepard. Cutler slipped past Meissner after a bump and run coming to lap 10 and then Cutler set his sights on Shepard. Lap 14 saw the first caution of the race, #15 Scott Root spun in coming into turn 4 with help from #1 Randy Veldman. The field got restarted and everyone was fighting hard for position when the second caution came out; #11 Tim Stuart spun on the backstretch on lap 18. Shepard maintained the lead and they were racing side by side behind him. Lap 21 saw the third caution involving #50 Bill Funk and #38 Mo Davis. It was Meissner taking the lead on the restart as Cutler, who was running third, fell back to ninth. Shepard was then under attack from #33 Allen Davis and #51 Weston Jewett and this let Meissner slip away from the field. Both Davis and Jewett got past Shepard and they had 12 laps to chase down Meissner. With 10 laps to go, the caution was back out for a spin in turn 4 involving Funk. After the restart, Meissner kept the lead and it was Davis, Jewett and Veldman behind him. It was the #57 of Greg Jewett who brought out the next caution with 4 laps to go. Just as the field was coming around to complete the lap, the caution was back out for Stuart. Davis took the lead on the restart and on the last lap, it was pure chaos. #51 Shawn Simon’s hood came flying up, totally obstructing his view and then Root and Veldman got in to each other again in turn 2 and they collected Shepard. This set up a yellow/checker and they raced back to the finish flag. Davis got the win and the rest of the top ten were W. Jewett, Meissner, #26 Brian Thome, #20 Tyler Nawrocki, #6 Terry Bockheim, Cutler, M. Davis, #75 Tyler Sterken and Simon.

Tomorrow, August 31, will be night two of the Chet Championship weekend. It will be the final point events for the Budweiser Super Late Models, Port City Racecars Outlaw Late Models, Engine Pro Super Stocks and Model Coverall Modifieds. There will be $1 beer and $1 hot dogs all night along with free camping and a Champion Celebration at the end of the night. Tickets will be $15 for adults 18+, $9 for students 12-17, $5 for kids 8-11 and children 7 and under are free; racing begins at 7:00 p.m.


















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