Well, the 2012 season has officially come to a close as the annual awards banquet took place last evening! Congrats to all of the winners again, it was great too see everyone. Hope you all have a safe and happy off season and holiday season! Stay tuned here and at www.berlinraceway.com for all of the latest news for 2013! Below is a list of all of the award winners! See you next year!

Todd Senneker Rookie of the Year
4C- Jason Essex
VROA – John Evans
SP- Tyler Nawrocki
MOD- Kevin DeGood
SS- Dave Hull
SL- Dave Lake

Most Improved Driver
4C- Mike Speet
VROA – Jason Burrus, Loren Peterson & Randy Pierson
SP- Randy Davis (2 awards – Randy Veldman & Tony Davis)
MOD- Randy DeBoer
SS- Will Olmsted
LM- Ray Clay
SL- Caleb Bisacky

Most Popular Driver
4C- Sierra Lantz
SP- Randy Veldman
MOD- Adam Chase
SS- Bob Bliss
LM- Tim DeVos
SL- Lauren Bush

Hard Luck Award
4C- Zach Clark
VROA – Don Deyman
SP- Mitch Meppelink
MOD- Kevin DeGood
SS- Trever McCoy
LM- Steve Needles
SL- Boyne Machine Racing
WoO- Ross Meeuwsen

Best Appearing Car
4C- Jason Essex
SP- Brian Tillema
MOD- Gruppen Racing
SS- Brett DeKraker
LM- Dave Zagaiski
SL- Justin Regnerus

Hardest Crash – Tim Yonker

Flip of the Year – Seth VanHorssen

Chris Bradley Crew Chief of the Year - Wimpy

Engine Builder of the Year – DuraTech – Brian Slade

Racer of the Year – The Tomster

VROA Volunteer of the Year – Ginger Nelson

Employee of the Year – Brian Hammond

Scott Baker Sportsmanship/Promoter’s Award – Gerry Shepard

4-Cylinder - Mike Speet
VROA - Terry Byrne
Sportsman - Tony Davis
Modifieds - Billy Shotko
Super Stock - Justin Ryan
OLM - Ross Meeuwsen
SLM - Terry VanHaitsma

Thanks again for everyone's hard work and congrats to all season champions!

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